Older Versions of Vidmate

Older Versions of Vidmate apk 2024 free

The Vidmate apk ( older versions of Vidmate apk download ) is a free Android app that allows users to download video content from popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others. 

Most Android users prefer Vidmate APK (Vidmate APK download), which has a file size of less than 25 MB and a download volume of more than 500 Million.

Because of its excellent and simple interface, anyone can use and explore Vidmate APK (Vidmate APK download) with ease. A summary of some of the unique features of the Vidmate app is provided below (download the Vidmate app).

History of Older Versions of Vidmate APK

When Vidmate apk (Vidmate app download) first launched, it was essentially just a downloader. The primary objective of the Vidmate app (Vidmate apk version) was to fill a significant void in the social media landscape by offering the ability to download videos, something that major platforms like YouTube do not. 

Over time, many changes and updates related to new layout designs, security integrations, and platform stability features were added to Vidmate apk (Vidmate apk download latest version).
This created a whole catalogue of older versions of vidmate along with the new version as well. Though the newer versions are more capable but some users still prefer the older ones due to less complexities and cleaner interface. Due to less features the previous versions are slightly more fluent and speedy and thus preferred by pioneer user of this application.


Since the launch of Vidmate apk (Vidmate apk download latest version), developers have consistently provided updates at regular intervals. Each version was rolled out to cope up with the changing demands of the users and to address the market needs. A few major updates and brief history of older versions of Vidmate has been given below.

 2013 – Version.

In this version, the giant rollout of Vidmate apk (Vidmate download vidmate download) was its ability to download full-size movies, which, back then, was not a common thing. In further included

  • Faster downloads of large-size video files
  • Reset, rewind, and forward videos. A significant enhancement in the vidmate media player. 

2014 – Version.

Unlike older versions of Vidmate, this version of vidmate app was primarily focused on enhancing its partnership to increase the content database. The significant highlights of this version were as follows:

  • More stability in the interface and overall behavior of the application
  • Bugs removal that were previously reported by the users.
  • Download content from hosting sites at faster speeds.
  • Reduced latency time which enhanced experience on searching surfing.
  • Higher resolution playable support for video content.
  • Enhanced search engine with higher data return rate.

2015 – Version.

In this older versions of vidmate apk was mainly revolved around increasing the file format support of different video and audio file formats. The significant highlights of this version were as follows:

  • More file format support for both video and audio content
  • Playback of music was introduced for interrupted experience
  • There is no limit on the download.
  • Simultaneous pause/resume options for large videos.
  • Feature to create a personalized music favorites categories and albums

2016 – Version.

 Major highlights of this version were as follows:

  • Live TV stream support was introduced in this roll out package.
  • Password privacy on downloaded content.
  • Enhanced interface of the application.

2017 – onwards

Since 2017, the Vidmate app (apk for vidmate) has consistently released updates as per the need of the time and to patch up securities and remove bugs. The major highlights of this version were as follows.

  • Location directory selection for downloaded content
  • Increased downloading speed with reduced latency rate.
  • $k download support was introduced.

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