VidMate APK Download for Android (Official) – Latest 2024 Version

VidMate APK: Your official gateway to download videos and MP3s from various social media platforms. Experience the best HD video downloading platform in the world.”

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App NameVidmate APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size18.4 MB
Total Downloads500,000,000+
FeaturesFree Video Downloads
Last update3 hours ago

Downloading videos from a significant social platform is not an easy thing, and we often find ourselves struggling to download videos from different online platforms. What if one app is the solution to it all? Vidmate apk is an downloader that seamlessly integrates with all the major video content platforms.

Whether it’s your best friend’s WhatsApp status, your favorite podcast on UTube, or the newly trending TikTok clip, Vidmate apk provides the most secure and efficient way to download all of your favorite videos at a blazing-fast speed. 

Vidmate apk old version is a free Android app allowing the user to download video content from the most prominent platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others. Vidmate apk has a file size of less than 25 MBs and a download volume of above 500M; Vidmate apk (download) is the top choice of most Android users. Due to Vidmate apk user-friendly and super clean interface, it becomes much easier for anyone to use and navigate through the application easily. Some of the distinct features of the Vidmate apk are listed below.

– Seamless integration and video downloading from UTube, Facebook, Instagram, and similar websites.

 – The Vidmate app saves videos directly to your mobile device.

 – Once saved, the video can be exported from the Vidmate app or reshared using regular mobile applications.

 – Option to search videos through keywords or video-relevant categories.

Vidmate apk not only provides you an option to download your favorite videos but also has a very productive side, enabling students or academic graduates to download the most essential video lectures. This app is also an excellent tool for saving the best DIY content, thus allowing the prosperous growth of intuitive young minds. This makes Vidmate apk an infotainment application.

Vidmate is a super-friendly application with tons of features that enables users to download and watch the downloaded content directly on the Vidmate apk player or the default video player of the device.

One of the biggest comforts of Vidmate APK is having all your videos downloaded in high quality, which can be viewed without internet connectivity.

Vidmate apk is an application that not only downloads videos but also allows sharing the downloaded content over email or through other social media applications. The Vidmate apk interface is easier to navigate, and users get a ton of options within the application itself. Users can play music in the background or while using any other app, which makes Vidmate app one of the best media apps as well. In addition to that, there are other features as well, like a resizable media player to watch videos while working on a different app.

Along with the option to download videos in high-quality format, the apk ( vidmate download ) allows the convert of the MP4 videos to MP3, thus making it more accessible in cases where audio alone is required rather than the video compilation. One of the distinct features of Vidmate apk is that it allows the downloading of multiple videos from different platforms simultaneously.


How to download and install Vidmate

This section covers a detailed guide with each step related to downloading and installing the Vidmate application. A few steps to be followed by users to download Vidmate on Android mobiles and tablets. If you are not even familiar with the Android operating system and are a novice to the operating systems, this guide has got you covered. Just follow the guidelines given below and get one Vidmate up and running on your device in less than a couple of minutes. However, one requirement for the Vidmate ( download latest version ) to run smoothly on the device is to install Android 4.4 or above on the intended device.

To download vidmate click on the download button given at the top of the page. Older versions of vidmate can also be downloaded from the dedicated section for older versions for the application.

 Once you have allowed the system to download from 3rd party sources, you shall resume downloading and installing the Vidmate application.

1- To download the application, click the Download button at the top of the page.
2- Once you have downloaded the Vidmate apk, go to the downloaded files
3- Open the recently downloaded application.
4- The rest of the process is self-explanatory; follow the steps accordingly, and you are all set.

This method hardly takes an extra couple of minutes and, in return, provides you with the Vidmate ( download ) application that is not only a super downloader but a friendly user media player with lots of other options. The media player of apk can run most of the native video formats. It supports MP 4 to MP 3 conversion as well. Converting videos from MP4 to MP3 using the app allows the user to save data space and ROM on the mobile device.

Using Vidmate apk, users have the option to download either a single video or multiple videos from different platforms at the same time. Thus, application makes it easier for users to start downloading their favorite content from various sources in a single go.

Once installed, the icon for Vidmate will appear on the device’s home page. You can open the Vidmate app and search for your favorite videos that must be downloaded to the device. Now, you can download HD videos in just a few taps from all the major video content platforms.

Features of Vidmate for the Android operating system

Previously, we discussed the main highlights of the Vidmate app and the method to download it onto Android devices. The development team behind the the app has done its best to make it one of the best downloaders available for Android devices. The genius minds behind Vidmate apk ( download ) have ensured to load the app with tons of features for its users. Users like you can download video content in HD quality and almost all formats.

This ensures that the end user of the application can enjoy videos, audio music, movies, and music videos in the best quality with a buttery smooth experience. We have covered some of the mentioned worthy features of Vidmate below so that users can maximize the benefits of using the application.

Pause / Resume Downloading

Among other prominent features, one is the healthy thought and smartly designed interface of Vidmate. The interface has been designed in a user-friendly way, and the themes used are subtle and have neutral colors that not only appeal to the eyes but also do not put a strain on the eyes. Further, when you open the application, you will see the home page with all the rending videos from that region. Besides that, there are three more tabs, including Music, My Files, and Me.

“Music” is one of the best sections with a presorted album collection based upon the genre of the music. My files contain all the downloads. It automatically segregates your downloads into videos and music. This section also has a tab named Private that keeps all of your videos aside, protected with passwords. The last section of the Vidmate apk ( vidmate apk ) is the “Me” section, which contains all the settings of your profile and has the sharing button from where you can share the downloaded files on other social media platforms.

VPN Layer Integrations

Another highlight of Vidmate apk would be its ability to integrate with the browsers seamlessly. Not only that, the team behind the Vidmate app ( vidmate apk com ) has made this application future by incorporating all the minor and significant needs of the users. We have seen a typical scenario where whenever a user uses some kind of virtual proxy network, a regular video downloader fails to pick up the downloadable content. It fails to pass through the VPN layers. However, this is not the case with this application.

With Vidmate apk, you can still search and download content no matter how many layers of VPN you have already added. Features and integration like these make the app the best downloader in the Android app and an application for all video content lovers.

Full-length Movies

Handling huge volumes of downloadable content is a no-brainer for the Vidmate app. Many websites provide full video-length movies for free. The content on the app is available in different languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, and many others. These websites usually provide movies sourced by media or personal means but mostly go undetected due to the difficulty users face finding a reliable and fast downloader. 

This search ends with the Vidmate app, which is not only a fast downloader, but you can download the full movies without the fear of dysconnectivity or data loss during the download because this application pauses the download in case of disconnection and the user can resume it once the network restores. In addition to that user gets the option to download the full movies in HD quality, and all the formats are also supported by this application (ask for Vidmate).

TV shows and Series

If binge-watching and soap season is your cup of tea, rest assured Vidmate has got you covered here as well. Downloading the complete season by queuing all the episodes in a single go is now possible. Yes, you heard right; this app allows you to put all the episodes in the queue for downloading.

All you need to do is find the source that provides you with the free Series to watch, then paste the link into the app; the Vidmate app will handle the rest. No matter how old the content is and what type of format it is in, the app will download it for you at a blazing-fast speed.

Infinite Source of Music

For every music lover, it is essential to maintain a collection of his favorite music tracks. If you are a music enthusiast who likes to keep a massive collection of tracks comprising techno beats, jazz and blues songs, cultural hits, pop hits, and classical music, Vidmate Apk is the best app for you.

You need to paste the source link, and be it audio or 4k video songs, Vidmate will not only download it in your desired format quality but also allow you to play the music with the media player of the application.

This makes this application a one-stop shop for all music lovers and album collectors. In addition to downloading the application, it also allows the user to live stream the music directly on the app itself. Users can mark their favorite songs, thus automatically creating a collection of the best music for their taste.

Speedy Downloads

We often face speed issues while downloading massive volumes of data, especially if it is a movie in 4k format. This is not an issue anymore; the reason behind this is the brilliantly built app structure and download mechanism of Vidmate apk. This application smartly analyzes the file before downloading it and divides the files into multiple small packets of data.

This enables Vidmate application ( vidmate apk ) to download massive files incredibly quickly without losing any information from the downloaded content. This results in content that has not only been quickly downloaded but is also available in the native format in which you wanted to download it; this gives the user an unparalleled experience that can only be achieved through using this application.

Discover Innovative HD Videos

Vidmate has provided an innovative search bar where you can search any video from your favorite platforms. This way, This application becomes a collection point for all the videos from these major platforms. This app video database may contain full movies, documentaries, lengthy podcasts, soap serials, educational lectures, and viral video graphic content. 

This makes the application a one-stop search area for finding any video of the highest quality available; users can download these videos and share them through different social media platforms. Additionally, the option to pause and resume download saves the user from losing any precious download due to internet disconnection. 

WhatsApp Status Saver

 WhatsApp has a famous feature where users can put something in status, which remains active for 24 hours. After one day, the group gets removed automatically. It Is often difficult to find an application that can download the group without compromising the security layers of WhatsApp and keeping the highest quality of the download. 

– Vidmate apk is one of the safest and most efficient ways to download and save your favorite WhatsApp statuses. 
– Vidmate apk integrates intelligently with WhatsApp, which does affect the end-to-end encryption or any privacy layer of WhatsApp. It only accesses the status page from WhatsApp and downloads it separately on Android device storage without compromising the quality of the video status. 

Using the Vidmate apk, users can have confidence that no privacy or security layers will be affected, and thus, the user data privacy and integrity remain unharmed. 

Light / Dark Theme

In recent years, this feature has become a must-have for all applications. As the screen time of the user has been pushed tonight over the past few years, the application developer has amended the layout and theme of their applications to add more depth to the user experience. Keeping the bedtime video consumption in mind, this application allows the user to select the dark mode of the application.

This mode will turn the bright area of the interface of the application to dark without affecting the richness of the experience. With this dark mode, you can continue to watch your favorite content without worrying about the strain on your eyes. This Vidmate app not only protects the eyes from sharp light but also adds to the overall experience of your leisure time.


Background Operational Mode

Vidmate app is not only a downloader but a smartly developed app with many functions specially built by keeping the user’s requirements in mind. One of these is the background operation mode of this application. For example, you have put multiple videos on the back and now want to do another task on your Android device. In such cases, Vidmate apk will keep on downloading the videos in the background so that your downloads do not get interrupted due to any other activity. 

– On top of that, this application apk will restrict its background consumption to downloading only and thus will not consume power for any other feature. 

This results in prolonged batter times, and the batter of the Android also remains unharmed and safe from the chances of getting overheated. 

Secure the Downloaded Content

Vidmate app has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of conventional downloaders. Once you have downloaded your content, you can put a password on it; this additional layer of privacy gives the user extra relief that their private favorite content will remain safe even if the device is in someone else’s hands. Features like this make the (Vidmate) app a complete package for media content consumption. 

Regular Update for Vidmate ( Android / IOS )

The vidmate apk team has made sure to keep on updating the Vidmate apk version. So, this initiative only keeps the this application stable but ensures that all the new features are continuously added to the Vidmate ( downloads the latest version). One key example of this would be the launch of IOS and PC versions of this application. Primarily, vidmate apk was launched on Android, but seeing the vast demand late on an IOS version and PC desktop version of this application, mate was found to ease users.

In conclusion, the Vidmate app is not merely a downloader but also a house-packed entertainment application. It has proved to be a single-stop shop for all the entertainment seekers. It targets audiences of all ages, from teenage to old age, and provides content ranging from trending TikTok to lengthy infotainment podcasts. Regular updates and constant enhancements have turned this application into a social platform. The app not only provides the option to search for and download content from different platforms but also to re-share the downloaded content on these platforms again. Imagine the ability to download your friend’s WhatsApp status and then re-share it on Instagram with your close circle. 

On top of that, with the launch of the IOS and PC versions, the Vidmate app has become one of the few most successful cross-platformer entertainment applications. IOS has been a very close-knit operating system. Still, the seamless integration of this application with IOS has allowed the users to have all the content from all the major social platforms under a single application. With expansion over different operating systems like PC, Android, and IOS, the application team has ensured to roll out regular updates at continuous intervals to keep the application updated with the latest security patches. This constant development approach has kept the this application stable and secure with the most updated features.

More Details about Vidmate

As mentioned earlier, Vidmate apk is a video-downloading application with many features. This application provides the user a searchable area where the user can search out billions of videos from all the major platforms, including UTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and many others. 

User can directly stream here and also has the option to download high-quality lengthy videos at a breakneck speed. Vidmate apk inbuilt media player has provided users the luxury to watch their favorite music videos in a buttery smooth experience. This application is fully compatible with all kinds of Android devices in the market that are running Android 4.4 or higher.

For music enthusiasts or avid travelers, Vidmate ( download apk ) provides the option to download the music in MP3 format as well. You can quickly sort the best collection of your favorite tracks and revisit them during travel or between your exercises in the Gym.

Downloaded content can be exported to the device’s gallery in the native highest quality. This content can then be shared again over all the major social media platforms. This enables the user to participate in the flashiest viral trend actively and to stay ahead of their friend in sharing viral content in the highest quality downloaded through the Vidmate app.

While downloading the video, this application gives the option where the user can select the quality of the video in which you want to download that video.

Not to mention that almost all video formats are supported by Vidmate apk, and users don’t need to worry about the forms. Neither need to compromise the quality of the downloaded content.

As this application provides an option to download full-length movies and long podcasts, it has been developed in a way that it downloads vast volumes of data at a breakneck speed by building multiple string connections with the server of the file. Vidmate apk not only downloads at faster speed and high quality but also strengthens the relationship with the file server so that users do not face any kind of difficulty if they pause and then resume the downloads at multiple points in time.

Vidmate APK has been developed in a way that has multiple layers of security, and it is a safe-to-use application. The download volume of more than 500M shows the unwavering trust users have in this application. Not only that, but the best part of this application and the development brains behind it is that they continuously improve and provide updates to make this application compatible with all the security updates of the Android operating system.

Vidmate apk has a global user base, with there are reasons for that. One reason is the massive volume of data and users and content consumption on international platforms like UTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and many others.

The primary reason is that Vidmate provides a search engine that can search videos from all the content of all these significant platforms, and Vidmate apk ( download apk ) gives a multiple language support interface.

The languages include

– English

– Hindi





 -Spanish and many others.

Due to these noticeable features, there is a vast user base for the this application, making Vidmate apk a top choice for millions of Android users.

Vidmate app is a one-stop shop for downloading anything. In addition to videos, it has a vast collection of pictures. If you are someone who likes to collect photos of your favorite celebrities or if you are an avid gamer and want to keep the HD posters of your favorite titles, then Vidmate apk has a solution for you, too. It has a search engine for HD pictures and wallpapers as well, through which you can search through billions of wallpapers of movies, games, celebrities, places, cities, and anime series.

Vidmate apk development team smartly built the application to integrate seamlessly with video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. It enables users to stream video online in high quality from a wide array of content. Some of the mentioned worthy streaming sites which data can be accessed through this application are named below This is not an exhaustive list, and users can add more websites in the Vidmate app to download the content from their favorite sources.

You – Tube / Down – loader

Vidmate apk provide the below distinct feature to save content from big platforms like UTube.

This makes the this application a perfect choice for all Android users who love to download videos from UTube and then re share them offline. All the user needs to do is to allow the browser to download this app and install it on the Android system once; the rest will be taken care of by the application itself.

After that, you can download not only high-quality videos but also full-length movies and any video and audio content,

With regular android applications, significant tasks are being performed by different applications like UTube for primary video content consumption and then UTube music for the songs. Likewise, for TV series, we have other websites, but this is not the case with this application.

Vidmate app acts as a single-stop shop for all its users where the user can download music, videos, anime shows, TV shows, and images on a single platform.

Facebook and Vidmate

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms where live streaming of games is becoming more and more popular. This has surged the consumption of video content on this platform, especially in reaction videos. With Vidmate apk, you can effortlessly search for any content from your favorite media influencers and download it to watch later in your leisure time. With the Vidmate apk, these billion videos on Facebook become easy to find through this application search option, and multiple videos can be quickly queued for downloading simultaneously.

TikTok and Vidmate

TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms for sharing short video clips, usually ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute. This platform recently rose to peaks of popularity and became immensely famous between the age group of 14 to 24.

Vidmate app ( download latest version ) allows the users to not only access but also search through millions of videos of TikTok and download them with a single tap. These videos can be downloaded in any of the given qualities based on user preference. Then, using the Vidmate app, you can also share the downloaded videos onto other social media platforms.

Instagram and Vidmate

Vidmate apk is well integrated with Instagram, a well-known social media platform with millions of active users. The recently introduced option to watch reels has been a tremendous success, and now the forum is full of billions of spins, with thousands, if not millions, being added daily. In addition to that, Instagram is a very famous platform for sharing high-quality photos.

Many influencers share photos of their daily activities, and people like to follow and stay up to date with the life happenings of their favorite media influencers. If you are one of these folks, this app will be your favorite companion. With Vidmate, you can search through videos and pictures as well. You need to paste the link of the image you want to save; then, you can easily download it in high quality with just a single tap.

Other downloaders Vs Vidmate

Vidmate app is popular because of the fast downloading and seamless integration with many platforms, including UTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. In addition, there are small but distinct features like large video downloading, password protection, and fast and resumable downloads that make the Vidmate app a choice for millions of users worldwide. However, there are some other downloaders as well that qualify as substitutes for the application. Below is a brief idea of other downloaders and their comparison with (Vidmate Latest Version). 


– TubeMate is an Android application with similar features to the Vidmate app.
– It offers options to download videos in multiple formats and to split audio from videos.
– It has a very minimalistic and simple interface.


– Snaptube also supports downloading from all the major social media platforms.
– Its features to extract audio from videos make it a handy tool for all music lovers.
– This application has a sophisticated search feature that is precise in searching for required content.

YTD Downloader

– YTD is a Windows application that allows you to download any video content
– It provides a unique feature to convert the format of downloaded content from one format to another.

Keep Vid

– Keepvid operates through the browser and is not dependent on any other operating system.
– It can be accessed from any operating system.
– It Provides an option to download the video content by sampling and pasting the URL in the search box.

iTube GO

– ITube GO supports multiple operating systems, including Windows and IOS.
– ITube GO has a unique feature of downloading videos from different platforms in Bulk.
– It also provides an option to pause/resume the batch downloading.


– ClipGrab is a unique application that can be run on Linux in addition to Windows and MacOS.
– Its built-in feature to search videos from major platforms makes it easy to use on MacOS and Linux.
– It has the option to download content in different formats and to convert them through the in-built converter.  

Choosing a downloader really depends on the needs and preferences of the users. It also depends on the operating system that is currently being used by the user. However, one needs to be aware of the terms of service before using a downloader and be cautious when downloading third-party applications.

All these downloaders have similar features, and when it comes to having a one-stop solution, Vidmate takes the lead. Vidmate not only provides common features from all of these downloaders, but its continuous upgrades keep this application stable and seamlessly integrated with security patches of different operating systems.

Click on FAQs to get the detailed answers of frequently asked questions.

Final Words

Vidmate apk is one of the most popular and user-friendly downloaders and media players. You can download any video accessible from the most prominent platforms, including UTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Vidmate apk also provides users with the ability to download music and pictures as well. All major formats are supported by Vidmate (vid Vidmate APK downloads the latest version), including designs like MP3 \MP4\M4A\WEBM and many others.

You can search through millions of videos using the Vidmate apk search option, and after downloading the content, you can lock it as well. This additional layer of privacy makes the Vidmate app a unique downloader that not only acts as a downloader but also as a media player as a safety vault for downloaded content and a source to reshare it all again on different social media platforms.

(Vidmate latest Version) provides its users with the ability to download videos from 720P up to native 4K. The Vidmate apk interface is clean, user-friendly, and supports multiple languages. If you are fond of music, movies, keeping 4k wallpapers, watching TV series, or binge-watching anime, Vidmate apk is the perfect application. All you need to do is download it from the download link on this website, and once installed, it will become a single and complete source of all your entertainment-related content. 

One thing we would like to highlight for our readers is that we continuously keep updating this website with all the new updates and features of the Vidmate apk application.

If you want to stay updated with all the new features and changes with the Vidmate application, we recommend you check this website occasionally.